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The Wildflower Stripe Wallpaper is available in 9 colours: Blush, Coral, Ink, Mint, Plum, Sand, Shadow, Summer and Teal.

Wildflower Stripe Blush: Wildflower Stripe Blush combines pastel hues with metallic ombré effects, which creates a very sophisticated overall effect. It is finished on luxurious matt wallpaper. This design works perfectly with our other wallpapers and paints.

Wildflower Stripe Coral: Fun, feminine and refreshing, Wildflower Stripe Coral will bring a breath of fresh air to your décor. Celebrating freedom, coral ombre stripes flow with glimmers of gold metallic highlights, creating a beautiful wallpaper design that stands alone or complements Wildflower Coral.

Wildflower Stripe Ink: Flowing blue and grey ombre stripes are highlighted with silver metallic detailing to create the beautiful design of Wildflower Stripe Ink. Created on a deluxe high-quality matt paper this stunning wallpaper is perfect for styling with Wildflower Ink, or matching paints within the Graham and Brown paints.

Wildflower Stripe Mint: Wildflower Stripe Mint showcases our Graham & Brown designers pursuit of new boundaries in wall décor. The soft metallic ombré stripes are combines with shades of minty green. This creates a beautiful effect, with a wallpaper conveying a sense of freedom and freshness. It is made on a high-quality matt paper, and it can either be a stunning accent, or part of a full room when complemented by our other wallpaper and paint.

Wildflower Stripe Plum: Inspired by flowing bohemian vibes, Wildflower Stripe Plum is perfect for adding a regal, serene design to your walls. Beautiful, flowing ombre stripes in a purple palette are highlighted with glimmers of silver metallic, creating an uplifting wallpaper.

Wildflower Stripe Shadow: Wildflower Stripe Shadow may seem unassuming but there is more there that one notices at first glance. It is not just the neutral, grey hues, there is also the metallic ombré striped effect. So while this design is very versatile, it is also finished to add that stunning, rich effect.

Wildflower Stripe Sand: Wildflower Stripe Sand brings to mind the beauty of nature. The neutral brown hues are juxtaposed with the shimmering metallic ombré stripes. All this on a luxurious, high-quality wallpaper.

Wildflower Stripe Summer: Wildflower Stripe Summer is fresh and celebrates the freedom and warmth of the summer. The crisp zesty hues are combined with metallic ombré stripes for a bright and natural look. It is perfect with our complimentary paints and wallpapers as a part of the full room solution.

Wildlflower Stripe Teal: Conveying flowing freedom, Wildlflower Stripe Teal combines vignette ombre teal stripes overlayed with copper metallic highlights to create a fun, vibrant design. Compliment this wallpaper with Wildflower Teal to create a lively atmosphere.

Please Note: All wallpaper and paint is ordered directly and is subject to varying lead times.

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