Sea Salt & Sage Room Diffuser


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For a delightfully fragrant home: The Sea Salt & Sage Room Diffuser diffuses the calming scent of Sea Salt & Sage – a refreshing herbal and fruit mix with woody notes of lavender.

The liquid fragrance is kept inside a coloured glass container, hidden underneath a matching concrete lid.

The characteristic concrete look in the colour, Whithered Rose, gives the diffuser a unique touch.

The intensity of the scent can be adjusted using the five sticks.

The scent, Sea Salt & Sage, is Like a rough coastline with cliffs and salty meadows that are kissed by the sea.

The wind carries the scent of fresh seawater on its wings; the sage gives trust in your own powers.

A refreshing herbal mixture with a calming wooden note. Let the mind wander.

Dimensions are as follows: Height: 27.5 Diameter: 9cm


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