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The Art Deco Wallpaper is available in 7 colours: Black and Gold, Blush, Gold and Pearl, Midnight, Natural, Rose Gold and Silver.

Art Deco Black and Gold: The Black and Gold Art Deco wallpaper exudes opulence and sophistication. Created in the Graham and Brown studio, gold metallic silhouettes, inspired by the flowing champagne fountains of a legendary Gatsby party, are highlighted with a bold black textured background, creating a dramatic and decadent design.

Art Deco Blush: Inspired by flowing champagne fountains of a roaring 1920’s party, the design of Art Deco Blush is deluxe and affluent. Feminine blush textured backdrop is adorned with Art Deco fountain design in soft gold metallic, creating a shimmering highlight effect.

Art Deco Gold and Pearl: We created the Pearl Art Deco inspired by the opulent and extravagant parties and décor of the 1920s, bringing to mind Great Gatsby. The gold and pearl colours are a play on the lavish décor, jewellery and accessories of the Art Deco period. In effect, this wallpaper can both complement the rich decor or is an eye-grabbing focal point of a room.

Art Deco Midnight: Created within the Graham and Brown studios, Art Deco Midnight is inspired by the exuberant, freewheeling popular culture of the roaring 1920’s. Indulging in all night parties, influenced the navy textured backdrop, with metallic fountain design, creating a fun take on classic design.

Art Deco Natural: Art Deco Natural takes the outrageous design of a typical 1920s style and tones it with warm, neutral brown textured substrate. Glimmers of soft gold metallic highlight the detailed fountain design and create a liveable glamourous wallpaper.

Art Deco Rose Gold: This design, created in the Graham and Brown studio is all about celebrating the rich style of Art Deco, bringing back to live the luxurious and lavish 1920s. The rose gold colour adds a modern twist to this classic. The shimmering metallic completes the effect, completing a stunning and rich design.

Art Deco Silver: Traditional Art Deco shapes and colours were the inspiration behind this wallpaper for our designers. The striking combination of shimmering silver on a darker background creates a fantastic effect. The colours add versatility to this wallpaper, so Silver Art Deco is both smart, but can add that note of decadence and drama into your home.

Please Note: All wallpaper and paint is ordered directly and is subject to varying lead times.

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