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Why Go LED?

The humble light bulb has been lighting our homes since the 1800s and over these hundred plus years, the biggest lighting breakthrough is without question the LED.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes, for the curious) are durable, contain no toxins and last much, much longer than their incandescent bulb counterparts. An LED bulb will give you thousands of hours more light than a conventional one. They are so long-lasting that there are many fittings that have integrated LEDs that last the lifetime of the fitting, no more maintenance required changing those bulbs!

Not only are LEDs long-lasting, they are far more energy-efficient than the old incandescent bulbs. An LED will give you back 95% of the power it uses as light, with only 5% turning into heat. Compare this to an incandescent bulb that loses 80% of its energy to producing heat instead of light! This means an LED bulb on just 7-watts can produce the same light as an old 60-watt bulb.

With their long life and excellent power efficiency, this is brilliant news for the environment and even better news for your energy bills! But this is just the tip of the iceberg, because of their small size LEDs can be arranged in all sorts of ways to produce any number of different lighting effects. The fluid circles of the Olympus light or the gentle waves of the Marius light which be seen below can only be achieved due to the small size of the integrated LEDs they use.

Also, further advances in the efficiency of LED technology over the years have seen lower and lower levels of heat produced by lighting. Heat has been reduced to such an extent it is now possible to have light fittings with natural wooden bodies. A beautiful example of this is the natural wood Brad pendant.

BRAD wood ceiling light

The Brad Ceiling Light, sure to catch the eye.

Marius Wave light

The stunning Marius LED Pendant is ideal for a dining room statement piece.

The elegant Olympus Six Ring LED Ceiling Light is fully dimmable so is perfect for setting a variety of moods.

The benefits of LED lighting are not just reserved for new fittings either. Our sister company, Green Lighting, stock a full range of LED bulbs that can be used in pre-existing light fittings, meaning that you can retrofit what you already have so that these too are energy-efficient and long-lasting. With a simple switch, these LED bulbs give you access to a whole new range of colours and styles. For example, by tightly placing the LEDs together in strips and coils we are able to evoke the classic look of filament bulbs that Edison himself might have used with these LED filament bulbs!

Also LED technology advancements mean the components have gotten smaller and smaller. This makes it possible to swap even smaller bulbs with energy efficient LEDs. You can even replace small capsule bulbs like G9s with LEDs.

Here we have Green Lighting’s LED Filament Candle Bulb, perfect for making a stylish upgrade to lighting you already have.

Green Lighting’s very own LED G9, bringing down energy bills for even the smallest of fittings.

So, Why Go LED? In short, they are excellent for the environment, money-saving and with an endless variety to choose from, there is one for every job and every style, that’s why! 

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